Javier Zugarramurdi

After finding himself expressing emotions through multiple artistic veins like visual-arts, sound-design or music-writing, Javier Zugarramurdi García describes himself as a multidisciplinary-artist.

He runs a project called ONA ( visiONAudio ) dedicated to the experimentation with realtime-sound connected to visuals in where other guest artists are involved.

Highly influenced by musician Eduardo Mateo, Zugarramurdi is constantly working on the fusion of his very own uruguayan candombe grooves with different genres of electronic-music, being the main-figure practicing a sub-genre baptized by the conceptual-minded-artist as Techdombe or Montechno ( Techno from Montevideo ).

After not finding an output for his peculiar sound, Zugarramurdi creates a record label called Repique Records and adopts the pseudonym Lubolo in order to release this afro-uruguayan-techno-grooves with a warm analog sound.

In parallel with his design studies Javier was the first uruguayan in the 90’s to start Djing influenced by Dj Bruno Gervais and helped water the roots of underground electronic music in Uruguay.

There is countless stories on many incredible events sonically guided by this enchanting sorcerer also known as Zug.

As if all of this wasn’t enough JZG keeps himself busier working on design, branding, web design, programming for well known artists, labels and agencies in Berlin.

Here you have some links to see and/or hear Javier Zugarramurdi’s projects:

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Listen or download Dj set:


Watch and listen to some Dj Sets by Javier Zugarramurdi and check him in his home studio recording new tracks in this videos.


Javier Zugarramurdi – Winday (Watercolour & pencil A4) 2014.