Sebastián Morgare (KEMBOU)

I first got involved with electronic music not as a musician, but as a audio technician and illuminator working at the mythical club “La Morocha”- in Punta del Este, during the 90’; where artists like Laurent Garnier, Plastikman, John Acquaviva among others played Uruguayan’s electronic music bases started to settle there; later I worked as a radio operator and DJ at a local FM called radiouno

By the year 1999 I moved to Montevideo, where through study and the experimentation, I made my first productions for Rebirth; also started to attend the first underground club in South America, called Milenio, where I met my friends DJ Koolt, who was the resident back then and Nicolas Lutz from My own Jupiter. They influenced me to generate a taste and preference for sounds typically from Chicago, Berlin and Detroit, that till the present I use in my productions.

After spending several years learning, investigating and producing isolated ideas, by 2004 I created the project Kembou. The principal aim, was and still is to shape a constant and homogeneous course of my productions to fulfill a global concept, trying to obtain the maximum benefit that technology offers by unifying experimental contemporary sounds with basic drives of the House, Techno and classic Electro.

By the year 2006 I made my first live presentation at the club “Milenio”, for GRHK record label, all together with Jonas Koop, Edunetto, Fede Lijt and Paco. The following years until present I have been participating in different projects, collectives and festivals in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, such as Roots, Vilardebo, Phonoteque, Open Park, Key Productions, Ouzo, Allnylon (ar), Pyramid Jungle (ar), The pyramid (ar), Latex (br), Skytronic (Br), B-club (br), Club der Visionere, AllDjs, Astelaguel.

During 2014, I travelled to Berlin, and luckily was able to take part in My own Jupiter’s record label presentation at Club der Visionere together with Nicolas Lutz and Andrew James Gustav.

My productions and live presentations, both move among techno and house music, with some dyes of electro, trying to accomplish a hypnotic sound, but with necessary groove focused on the dance floor.

To take the project forward, I use a combination of Hardware and Software, as I believe is the setup that fits best my needs when producing and during the live sets. As Workstation I use Ableton Live, since it’s the most comfortable DAW, to record and control the different instruments that I use and also for making the mix.

At a personal level my major stimulus takes roots in exploring and producing different shades of sounds, trying to improve and dominate the different technics and genres, with the goal of creating new climates and aesthetics.